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only had 30 minutes computer time at home this morning, just about enough to read all my flist and catch up on CBB. So now I'm stealthing on at work, because shock horror! I actually have work to do! It's been so long that I'm having culture shock :-( However, as Dave doesn't come in on Wednesdays and Matt is having the day off to babysit cos his wife's gone away on a course, I'm all alone again - weird after three weeks of company, which in turn was weird after three months of alone-ness. *Note to self: Must not spend all day on the internet*

Saturday night and language fun )

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Right - to work. I'll be back at lunchtime :-)
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Anyone on my flist speak a non-European language? (I know at least one of you does *grin*) or even Welsh or Irish? I love LJ/CBB/espace generally - I know so many interesting people!

I need to translate some phrases into different languages for a Harvest presentation, about pre-school education in developing countries and why it's important to be able to read. I've tried some of them in babelfish and a couple of other programs, but they mostly only do European languages (although I did get one to do Keep off the grass in Tagalog!).

So, if anyone could translate these phrases into as many languages as possible, especially ones with different alphabets, I'd be EXTREMELY grateful ... :-) although I don't think some alphabets will show up on my computer :-( I know Russian and Greek do, and I think Hebrew might?

Keep off the grass
Poisonous - do not swallow
Bargain - half price
Danger - quicksand
Thaw completely before cooking
Take this medicine three times a day
If you don't fill out this form, you will be fined £1,000
On special offer - today only
Eating too many of these sweets might have a laxative effect
Please help yourself

(and no, I didn't choose them, they came with the presentation pack! BMS PEPE programme if anyone's interested)


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