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Yay for Sunday bus timetables! For Mr and myself were stranded in town yesterday (yes I know it was Monday but we have Sunday buses on Bank Holidays) and, having 20 minutes to kill, decided to look in Silverscreen. He found a Dr Who that he hasn't got, and I therefore demanded equality and bought the set of 4 Monty Python films. Equality as in they were the same price - I got the better deal though cos I have 5 discs to his one! Watched Meaning of Life, then watched some of it again in French, I love being able to do that even if I don't understand it! Had a look at the extras on Holy Grail, including the Lego Knights with passing parrot reference ;-), and am looking forward to watching Life of Brian in Hungarian. One day I might possibly watch them all in English, but I just luuuurrrve playing with all the bits you can do with DVDs.

Good morning at work too - with the help of a couple of friends, we have just stuffed nearly 300 envelopes in just over an hour, and now I have to go and buy stamps. Have another friend coming in this afternoon to help stick stamps on, then they can go in the post to arrive in plenty of time for the weekend.

and hello to Joy and Charlotte and anyone else I've friended this week - welcome to LJ-land!


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