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Mum's knitting instructions

I didn't bring any crochet with me. So I bought some yarn and Mum looked out a crochet hook for me in her knitting needle box. She also found a piece of paper on which she had written instructions for knitting "A ribbed button band on any knitted garment". So I'm typing it out here in case anyone finds it useful. If you actually understand it, please tell me and if it's useful I might find a home for it on Ravelry, but it makes no sense to me at all...

Always cast on an odd number of stitches, 9 at least.

odd number rows are on the "show" side (outside of garment).

Even number rows are on the reverse (inside of garment).

Row 1 (odd) SL1, (K1, P1 to last 2 sts), K2
repeat on every odd number row

Row 2 (even) SL1, (P1, K1) to end of row
repeat on every even number row


Always work buttonholes with first row on an odd number row
First SL1 (K1,P1,K1 cast off 2-3 sts depending on size of button)
(may only need to cast off 1 st for tiny buttons on baby or doll's clothes)

2nd buttonhole row on even numbered row
Work to last 7 or 6 sts, cast on 3 or 2 depending how many were cast off
Work to end

Work an exact number of even numbered rows between buttonholes.

In other news, things progressing as well as can be expected. Going home tomorrow night to get some clothes and stuff, will be back on Monday night. Thanks again for hugs etc

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