Aug. 8th, 2007 10:22 am
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My PC has done something weird again! I was trying to upload a photo to Facebook when the whole thing froze. So I shut down Firefox and opened it again. It kept asking me for a profile, and when I clicked on default (cos I've never had any others) it told me that one was in use. It then created me one called default user, but when I opened that, all my bookmarks had gone (and I had a lot, believe me!) I've now upgraded to Firefox 2, I still have no bookmarks and I have three shortcut icons on my desktop which I can't delete.

I know the bookmarks are stored somewhere on the computer because I came across them by accident when I was looking for something else once - but where?

I'm having to use IE at the moment and I don't like it :-(

Any ideas?
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[ profile] ms_wanderlust, thank you so much for alerting me to the existence of the Facebook group "If you can't tell the difference between your and you're you deserve to die" *grin*

I took a photo today which I will post on there as soon as I download it - it was on the gate of a block of flats in town and read "ONLY RESIDENTS DO NOT PARK". For that part of town, it's actually quite a good attempt at English. Shame most of the other people living round there won't be able to understand it...


Aug. 6th, 2007 08:26 pm
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I have to iron the curtains. They did only shrink a tiny bit this time though...

And next door are having a barbecue which smells of Parmesan cheese :-(
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AirFrance have just credited our bank account with the amount they originally agreed! Yay for persistence against bureaucracy :-)
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I have sprayed cleaner stuff on the lounge carpet, which needs to be left to dry for several hours before hoovering. I have put the lounge nets in the wash (although I think they may be finished now). I should be cleaning the kitchen and dining room but I've run out of motivation.

I must get the nets out though, I don't want a repeat of the bedroom fiasco where they shrunk terribly and had to be ironed. There will be no unnecessary ironing in this house!


Jul. 9th, 2007 06:48 pm
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I have chips!

(Just thought I'd share... :-) )
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back with a proper post later, but I've just opened the mail and I have an interview for the A level history next Tuesday!
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I know this is from way back, but I only just found it! So if I'm weirder than 85% of other users, there are only 15% more weird than I am? That actually makes me quite happy :-)
How weird are you meme )
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Tea time
Originally uploaded by MrsRev

My husband enjoying a cream tea at Harriet's in Peterborough (and eyeing up mine as well!)

It's lovely in there, the waitresses all wear old fashioned black dresses and white aprons and caps, and are all so friendly. Sometimes there is a pianist as well (although we've never caught them yet), and it's so civilised. They do afternoon tea with sandwiches, cake and scones, and also a champagne tea for very special occasions. The tea is real leaf tea in a pot (remember to use the strainer!) and the sugar is in a proper bowl and the milk is REAL! Only downside is that a cream tea is £4.50 so we keep it for treats...

I meant to post this to [ profile] tea_and_crumpet but apparently it only posts in my main blog. Oh well, editing is a good thing!
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Patron! Two waters - and make them doubles!

(no-one specified which Dr, did they? *VBEG*
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I was in WH Smith at lunchtime, looking at all the cross stitch and card mags - far too many to choose from, I ended up with nothing!

A woman walked in with a slightly sulky small girl in tow, about 3 years old; I'd guess it was her granddaughter.

Grandma: "shall we buy you a comic?"
Small girl: "I hate comics!"
Pause... You can see Grandma wondering what else to suggest... then-
Small girl: "what is a comic?"

It reminded me of the little girl at our church kids club last year, on being told we were having origami the next week. She said "I don't like origami". Paused, then "I don't think so anyway. What does it taste like?"
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I thought there was some weird driving in Peterborough but this just made me giggle soooooo much...
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Now you don't! Just had a lovely couple of days in Yorkshire, popped into home on the way south to change dirty washing for more clean and put photos on a CD for the parents. Off to Portsmouth now until Monday or Tuesday....


Apr. 15th, 2007 04:25 pm
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*falls off sofa with laughter*

Jeremy: "...and the rabbit can feed a family of 8." Paul: "It has cookery skills too?"

And the little out-take at the end, where Ian tells Paul something has been sick on his shoulder...


Dr Who

Apr. 9th, 2007 07:17 pm
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Nice! I'm liking Martha. Now I really really want to go to the Globe... And I liked the HP reference, Mr didn't get it and I couldn't be bothered to explain :-)
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Happy Easter everyone! Hope you get lots of chocolate and have a very shiny day :-)
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Dairy Free Ice Cream recipe )

I've been saving the magazine with this in for weeks, finally got round to scanning it in and thought I'd share :-)
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Someone was pimping this Dichroic Glass on a community - it's so pretty! [ profile] ms_wanderlust, I thought of you especially, unusual jewellery at low prices :-)
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Apparently I can link from my photobucket to my LJ. So I'm trying it out with a photo I took from the train between Ely and Peterborough one evening.
rather large picture! )
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