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2017-04-04 05:39 pm


Just putting this here as everyone seems to be deserting LJ...
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2011-08-07 05:31 pm
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Care and feeding of curly hair

Mostly for [ profile] ramtops because she asked (although maybe not for quite THIS much info!) and also for my own information and remembering in case I ever get asked again.

My hair has always been curly to frizzy. I've tried lots of things over the years, from chemical straightening to silicone serums. And then I found [ profile] curly_girls and the whole "no shampoo, no silicones" routine. I thought it sounded a bit wacky, but I gave it a go. That was about 4 years ago and never looked back.

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So, there you have my curly hair care routine. I like it. If you do try it, let me know how you get on?
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2010-04-29 10:18 pm
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Mum's knitting instructions

I didn't bring any crochet with me. So I bought some yarn and Mum looked out a crochet hook for me in her knitting needle box. She also found a piece of paper on which she had written instructions for knitting "A ribbed button band on any knitted garment". So I'm typing it out here in case anyone finds it useful. If you actually understand it, please tell me and if it's useful I might find a home for it on Ravelry, but it makes no sense to me at all...

Always cast on an odd number of stitches, 9 at least.

odd number rows are on the "show" side (outside of garment).

Even number rows are on the reverse (inside of garment).

Row 1 (odd) SL1, (K1, P1 to last 2 sts), K2
repeat on every odd number row

Row 2 (even) SL1, (P1, K1) to end of row
repeat on every even number row


Always work buttonholes with first row on an odd number row
First SL1 (K1,P1,K1 cast off 2-3 sts depending on size of button)
(may only need to cast off 1 st for tiny buttons on baby or doll's clothes)

2nd buttonhole row on even numbered row
Work to last 7 or 6 sts, cast on 3 or 2 depending how many were cast off
Work to end

Work an exact number of even numbered rows between buttonholes.

In other news, things progressing as well as can be expected. Going home tomorrow night to get some clothes and stuff, will be back on Monday night. Thanks again for hugs etc
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2009-12-23 08:02 pm

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

...and as usual I am nowhere near what I wanted to get done. Two cards have been posted!

So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all - I hope you have safe journeys and happy days.

May be online over the holiday but depends on other people's internet connections and the babylaptop playing nicely.
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2009-02-15 08:53 pm

Tomorrow's Tornado Times

Hither Green/Lewisham/Denmark Hill/Kensington/Willesden Junction/Camden Road, then on to Potters Bar and ultimately York. Looks like she's quite a time in Peterborough so I might get some more photos!
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2008-12-10 11:38 pm

(no subject)

Fab day in London. Lunch at Joe Allen, transport museum almost deserted, stealth-Kitty-hugging, Mamma Mia which was SUPERB! On the train home now, should be home by 1am.
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2008-11-16 02:04 pm


We missed it last night - too busy watching We Are Most Amused (and we caught Bill Baillie who was fab as usual). So I've just iPlayered it. Mr is so going to have to watch this tomorrow! I never saw the first series at all, never even heard of it actually, don't know how that happened but this one will be a must-watch :)
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2008-08-27 09:05 am

Another birthday girl!

Happy birthday [ profile] coastwallker - hope you have a great day :-)
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2008-07-23 08:36 am

Birthday Girl!

Happy Birthday [ profile] helenprev - Have a lovely school-free day!
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2008-06-14 03:01 pm

Happy Birthday!

Have a great day [ profile] mrs_redboots :)
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2008-05-16 05:45 pm

home again

Got home around 5 last night, had a meeting about the church website at 7.30 which turned into a social event involving whisky and got home around midnight! Parents phoned after lunch to say they had been to the Doc's for check up, and then into town where Dad had disappeared into the Club for half a pint, which is good news :-) Mum managed to walk around town without a dizzy spell too, so hopefully they will both start picking up now.

I seem to have an awful lot of f-list to catch up on so I'm not going to comment - just to say thank you for prayers, etc, and yay to those who have finished exams, and hang on in there for those who have more, and *hugs* for assorted other stuff.

Won't be around much over the weekend, I shouldn't think. The house needs cleaning and Mr needs some attention, and some revision should be done. Have a good weekend, everyone!
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2008-04-19 12:58 pm

still working

It worked again this morning. We seem to have succeeded :-)
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2008-04-06 12:08 am

See you on Tuesday

Unexpected trip to the parents (everyone is OK, just stuff...) so no internet till Tuesday. Bah. I had plans. Never mind, it's nice to see them as much as possible right now.

Hope Gathering was great!
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2008-04-03 09:06 am


[ profile] unexpectedbox

I came across this in my bookmarks this morning, I must have saved it ages ago and never looked properly. Very nice icons on themes including veggie/vegan, chronic illness/allergies, sewing/scrapping/knitting - I'm sure most of you could find one you like :-)

*ponders Plus account (if still available) so I can keep the 6 I have and get some more*
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2008-02-07 11:19 am
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Emma from the agency just rang. They have a possible job for me... and it doesn't involve Mondays, and it is in the city centre near the bus station. They have usually been extremely good about these two conditions, but just lately have been offering me things like five half-days at the business park on the other side of the city, which would take me over an hour each way on two buses :-( So hopefully I will get this one!
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2008-01-25 08:53 pm
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The photos begin...

What a waste of a day! Woke at 7am with a migraine, too late to take the tablets. It was a worse one than usual as well, resulting in not one but two lots of throwing up (sorry for the TMI!) and staying in bed until 3pm. The period which tried to start last week and then stopped has made a reappearance, so the two are linked as usual. But all better now I think, I have eaten something and had a shower and feel nearly human again. Which is good because at 9.30 I have to go round the corner to see Mark about our new PC.

Anyway, onto the photos. I'll start with St Pancras. Wow. I am sooooo glad they restored it and didn't knock it down and build a concrete box. I have to go there again soon just to have a look round without rushing.

Cut for photo spammage! )

Enough for now, more later...
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2007-11-13 01:56 pm

I am a crumble-sheep

The words "leap" and "bandwagon" spring to mind. I have just returned from Morrisons with pears and blackberries... mwahahahaha
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2007-10-19 08:40 pm


I've set the alarm on my phone so I won't forget to go down and watch HIGNFY and Not Going Out. NGO is my new discovery, and I appear to have missed rather a lot of it. Keep dropping hints about a digibox....
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2007-10-04 11:35 pm

Useful information

Vanish Oxy Powder (in the pink tub) is good at getting burnt bits out of saucepans :-)