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The photos begin...

What a waste of a day! Woke at 7am with a migraine, too late to take the tablets. It was a worse one than usual as well, resulting in not one but two lots of throwing up (sorry for the TMI!) and staying in bed until 3pm. The period which tried to start last week and then stopped has made a reappearance, so the two are linked as usual. But all better now I think, I have eaten something and had a shower and feel nearly human again. Which is good because at 9.30 I have to go round the corner to see Mark about our new PC.

Anyway, onto the photos. I'll start with St Pancras. Wow. I am sooooo glad they restored it and didn't knock it down and build a concrete box. I have to go there again soon just to have a look round without rushing.

Mr Betjeman, I presume? It's lovely, it makes you want to stand and look up with him. And the meeting place statue is enormous!

Strasbourg Station - look at the time! Couldn't sleep and got up to see where we'd stopped...

Got off the train in Innsbruck, and there was the Europa Hotel!

Didn't hang about in Innsbruck, hopped on a tram to Mutters and found our hotel. We got off in the village centre and walked up. It nearly killed me. The lady at the hotel said we should have got off at the next stop and walked down. No-one at the station told us this useful piece of information. This is the view from our room.

And this is the stove in the hotel cafe - not tiled all over, but still a tiled stove! Mr put up with an awful lot of "oooh, look..." from me all the two weeks, bless him.

Enough for now, more later...

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How I envy you! Especially waking up in the middle of the night at Strasbourg.... we were shown round Metz station once by a friend who works there, and this was about midnight, and I was fascinated by all the trans-European trains that were due to call there in the wee smalls....

And I so love the Alps - I feel so very well up there, and I've felt so very poorly just lately.

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Splendacious photos, hope you're feeling lots better now. Migraines are simply horrible...

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Oh, teh PRETTY :)

[ profile] dozydormouse managed to get a photo of an old (but running) Innsbruck tram in front of the Europa when we were there 18 months ago or so...which (as you probably spotted) is not the one Joey and Madge would have stayed in as the HBF area was flattened during the War. Tis why (as far as we can make out) there is a HBF and not Innsbruck west and east as there used to be.

migraines suck :( *hugs*

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*hugs* I hope you are feeling much better.

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Looking forward to the next few lots of photos - and very jealous!

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The photos are lovely. I'm glad you're feeling better, migraines are evil!