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Emma from the agency just rang. They have a possible job for me... and it doesn't involve Mondays, and it is in the city centre near the bus station. They have usually been extremely good about these two conditions, but just lately have been offering me things like five half-days at the business park on the other side of the city, which would take me over an hour each way on two buses :-( So hopefully I will get this one!

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Woohoo! Good Luck.

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Everything crossed!

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Fingers crossed for you

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Ooh, fingers crossed for you!

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Good luck to you, heya? And not having to work on Mondays, that has to be a bonus regardless of circumstances.

And since this is a response coming out of the middle of nowehere via the Loo, should add that I quite adore the 'Genius' user-pic -- may I use it (outside yon Loo, of course ^_^)

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Yep, I try not to work Mondays except in emergencies, as it's Mr Rev's day off. So far it's been possible :-)

And it's fine by me to use the pic - I nabbed it from the CBB so I'm guessing credit should be to [ profile] chaletian, I think she made most of them. Do I detect another CS fan, or do you just like it?