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mrsrev ([personal profile] mrsrev) wrote2008-04-19 12:58 pm

still working

It worked again this morning. We seem to have succeeded :-)

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Hi! Almost in the same county for once! Glad it worked - you are clever

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Very nearly. I may pass near you on Monday, I haven't decided yet which train to go on. It will possibly depend on the bus to the station. And the instructions were very clear, once you understood where they were starting from...

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Any chance of a break of journey - coffee on Guildford Station or something? Just a thought. No problem if you are hurrying on though

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Sorry, looks like I'm going Fareham/Winchester/Woking/Waterloo as it ties in with the bus from the parents.

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aarhg, hit send too soon! Next time I'm going that way I'll text you!

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Fair enough.I think that route is probably quicker anyway. Maybe another time!

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Well done! *Pats you on the back*

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I've now introduced them to the delights of BBC i-Player!