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mrsrev ([personal profile] mrsrev) wrote2008-05-16 05:45 pm

home again

Got home around 5 last night, had a meeting about the church website at 7.30 which turned into a social event involving whisky and got home around midnight! Parents phoned after lunch to say they had been to the Doc's for check up, and then into town where Dad had disappeared into the Club for half a pint, which is good news :-) Mum managed to walk around town without a dizzy spell too, so hopefully they will both start picking up now.

I seem to have an awful lot of f-list to catch up on so I'm not going to comment - just to say thank you for prayers, etc, and yay to those who have finished exams, and hang on in there for those who have more, and *hugs* for assorted other stuff.

Won't be around much over the weekend, I shouldn't think. The house needs cleaning and Mr needs some attention, and some revision should be done. Have a good weekend, everyone!