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No updates for a while, shockingly busy (in a non-CS way!). Going to Letton Hall this afternoon to film our video clips for the Cluedo game. Then the rest of the week will be preparation for next week's houseparty, then three days away next week with 55 teenagers!

Yesterday we had our AGM/Celebration service and commissioning of Matt and Dave, and they dragged me up to be prayed for as well. It's nice to be part of a team again, but I soooo hate being up the front!

Saturday we went to [Stockport] (ETA: no - Southport actually!) for our friend's induction, we hired a car and they upgraded us again! The fruits of being a regular customer :-) A lovely Mondeo with cruise control, so it almost drove itself, which was just as well seeing as it was four hours each way. Glad we went though, nice to support them and catch up with some mutual friends as well.

Last week just lots of "stuff" going on, I now have almost no computer time at work (though the lads are getting laptops soon so I won't have to fight them for the PCs) and my evenings have been taken up with meetings.

I've just done a bit of housework and have blatantly broken the Hoover. It won't stand up any more :-( But at least it still hoovers, I just have to stand it against the wall when I'm not using it.

And thanks [ profile] lydiasings for the text, hope you're OK and have a good Sukkot.


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